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CENSU one year Anniversary Cocktails Pairing Menu

KI NO BI, Japan’s first craft gin by The Kyoto Distillery, is partnering with contemporary izakaya CENSU to launch a month-long degustation menu using seasonal Japanese ingredients brought to life with specially crafted KI NO BI cocktails. 

From 3rd October until 5th November, discerning diners will be treated to an 8-course symphony of flavours courtesy of chef Shun Sato of CENSU. Each of the paired cocktails is designed to accentuate and remix one or more of the 6 key elements in KI NO BI gin – Base, Citrus, Spice, Herbal, Tea and Fruity & Floral – using three of the distillery’s distinctive products, the classic KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin, the full-bodied KI NO BI SEI, and the fragrant KI NO TEA. 

For a refreshing start, the citrusy Gimlet (KI NO BI SEI, yuzu, cucumber, honey; served in a rocks glass) brightens the palate for the deep nuttiness of the Bonito Tataki, which is hay-smoked then marinated and served in smoked eggplant soy sauce topped with spring onion oil. The autumn bonito is imbued with a deeper and richer taste, lightly seared for two layers of flavour with each bite. The Lychee (KI NO BI, lychee, ginger; served in a highball glass) offers a hint of fruitiness balanced with earthy notes of ginger and shiso, perfect for bringing out the delicate sweetness of the Chawanmushi topped with snow crab and flying fish roe. Silky egg custard bursting with umami is elevated with a generous helping of snow crab meat, presented with flair in its own shell.



The unctuous Shirakonigiri is not to be missed – to be enjoyed with a Negroni (KI NO BI SEI, Antica Vermouth, bitter Fusetti, apple juice, spice syrup) the pairing is designed to cut through the butteriness of the milt while preparing the palate for its delicate taste. Served in a bed of abalone dashi, the onigiri is lightly toasted then crowned with shirako. Eaten together with the umami-laden mix of the dashi, parmesan, and lightly toasted rice, every bite is a juxtaposition of sweet and savoury, creamy and crunchy. The deliciously malty Tea (KI NO TEA, honey, green tea; served in a ceramic tea cup) brings the meal to a warm close, between bites of rich chestnut and chewy rice dumplings of the Mont Blanc Dango. Topped with sweet chestnut mousse that catches crumbs of green tea, praline cookies, and coffee soil, it will no doubt satisfy dessert lovers everywhere.

If you wish to taste each of the 6 Elements separately, you can choose to sample a flight of the 6 KI NO BI elements macerated in rice spirit and distilled, each to their own specification. Each cocktail is also available to order a la carte, from 3rd October until 5th November inclusive. 










KI NO BI x CENSU Gin pairing Menu 

Japanese Oyster 

Tohoku Oyster . Yuzu Sanbaizu 

CENSU sake 


Seasonal hay-smoked Bonito Tataki. Smoked Eggplant soy 


KI NO BI SEI, Yuzu, Cucumber, Honey 

Beef Tartare 

Kagoshima wagyu. Arima Sansho dressing 


Seafood Tartare 

Seasonal seafood. Shiso Tempura. Cashew dressing 


Egg custard. Snow Crab 


KI NO BI, fresh Lychee & Ginger 

Zucchini Flower Tempura 

Scallop. Prawn. Three Cheese Mousse. Truffle pureé 

Wagyu Zabuton 

Kagoshima A4 wagyu. Maitake. Enoki. Smoked nori soy 


Antica Vermouth, Bitter Fusetti, Apple juice, Spice syrup 


Abalone dashi. Shirako. Parmesan 



Abalone dashi. Uni. Parmesan 

Mont Blanc Dango 

Chestnut Mousse. Green tea crumbles. Praline. Coffee soil 


KI NO TEA, Honey, Green Tea 


HKD$1,388 for 8 courses and 4 drink pairings + 10% service charge 

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