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CENSU is a new contemporary Japanese restaurant with influences from the U.K. and Australia, created by Chef Shun Sato.


The interiors are inspired by the house of Chef Shun’s grandmother in Sendai which reflects the traditional Japanese Wabi-sabi concept – the appreciation of imperfect beauty and simplicity. Uniquely designed by both Jamo Associates and Shigenobu Yamaoka from TRUNK(HOTEL), a contemporary touch of home-like ambiance is evoked in the venue.

CENSU’s name is a play on words, meaning 扇子 (‘Sensu’), the Japanese word for ‘folding fan’, and embracing ‘sense’ in terms of lifestyle: the team’s fashion, music, design and, of course, culinary senses are at the core of CENSU’s values.


Shun Sato – Founder and Head Chef, CENSU

Hailing from Sendai in northern Japan, Shun Sato was born into a culinary family. His father owned and ran a popular izakaya, and Chef Shun spent his childhood exploring new dishes and absorbing his father’s cooking skills. Humble and charismatic, Chef Shun was raised to live up to the values of the traditional Japanese Wabi-sabi principle – the appreciation of imperfect beauty and simplicity – which has been defining his path ever since.

His first job was a dishwasher at a renowned French restaurant in Tokyo. After years of earning his name in the culinary scene, Chef Shun accepted a Sous Chef position at two Michelin-starred omakase restaurant Yoshii in Sydney. He subsequently held the prestigious position as Head Chef at Michelin acclaimed French-Japanese restaurant Blancharu. His passion grew as he explored local farms, wineries, learned about modern western cooking techniques. He made lifelong friendships, in particular with prominent international chefs at Ms.G’s, a modern Asian Australian dining destination. After seven years in Australia, his career led him to London where he helmed the kitchen of famed Aqua Kyoto for two years. His culinary expertise was highly recognized and he was relocated to Hong Kong.

CENSU is the first project which Chef Shun can completely call his own and is set to raise the bar with its elevated and creative menu. The Japanese restaurant on Gough Street is a truly exceptional concept strongly influenced by his experiences from Japan and around the world. CENSU’s interiors are a modern interpretation of his childhood roots, reflecting the traditional Wabi-sabi principles – that represents Shun Sato as a humble and charismatic individual, a celebrated chef, friend and family man. “CENSU is my interpretation of the feeling of home in every sense. My team, and also the guests should feel like they are coming home when they taste, smell, feel, hear and experience CENSU."

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